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orangeball.gif Updated MOC imageset   (Dec. 21, 2004)
The interactive data map viewer and high-res MOLA maps have been updated with the latest MOC image releases, covering imagesets through R15.
[Malin Space Systems]

orangeball.gif High-resolution interactive MOLA elevation maps   (Mar. 22, 2004)
Marsoweb now has a complete 1/128th-degree MOLA atlas, with elevation maps of 6° x 3° regions. This atlas includes options for:
  • Elevation maps, colorized for both local (regional) and global elevation ranges.
  • Data querying: scrolling over the map displays textual values of coordinates and elevations.
  • Profile creation: user-drawn cross-sections on maps for creating elevation profiles.
  • MDIM 2.1 surface images of region.
  • Graphical hyperlinks to MOC images (narrow- and wide-angle) at Malin Space Systems.

Currently, this MOLA atlas is navigated via the general data map viewer: Click on a region, then click the "High-Res MOLA" button under "Hyperlink Options".
[MOLA Science Team]

orangeball.gif MDIM 2.1 images added to data map viewer   (Mar. 18, 2004)
The visible surface mosaics of MDIM 2.1 have been added as an option to the main data map viewer, as full-resolution (256 pixels/degree) 4°x4° regions.

Click on a region, then click the "High-Res Images" button under "Hyperlink Options".

orangeball.gif Data map viewer bugfixes   (Feb. 27, 2004)
Some bugfixes have been made to the interactive data map viewer. Previously, switching the view back to the global map after viewing regional maps created problems in some instances. This has been fixed.

orangeball.gif Updated TES thermal inertia maps and data   (Feb. 26, 2004)
The interactive data map viewer has been updated with the recent 2003 TES thermal inertia maps and data.
[Mike Mellon, Univ of Colorado (TES Thermal Inertia website)]

orangeball.gif Links to 1/32nd ("high-res") MOLA data fixed   (Jan. 27, 2004)
Access to the 1/32nd-degree resolution interactive MOLA maps from the main data map interface was broken. This has now been corrected.
Note: Interactive maps for the 1/128th-degree gridded MOLA dataset are currently being readied for deployment, and should be online soon.

orangeball.gif MOC image filter added to MER 2003 MOC image archive   (Jan. 23, 2004)
The regional views of the MOC images (e.g. Gusev Crater, Meridiani Planum) now have a tool to selectively display outlines of individual MOC images on the context maps.

orangeball.gif Scale bars added to MER 2003 MOC image archive   (Jan. 15, 2004)
Scale indicators have been added to the overview images and full-scale frames for the MOC image archive for MER 2003 landing site candidate locations.

orangeball.gif Spirit rover site added to interactive maps   (Jan. 13, 2004)
The approximate location of the Spirit rover has been added to the interactive maps for the main data map interface, and Gusev Crater maps with MOC images:   (1)   (2)

orangeball.gif Revised MOC images for MER 2003   (Nov. 24, 2003)
The MOC images in the MER 2003 landing site archive now have correct vertical stretching, using the images' given pixel aspect ratio to convert them to the given height-in-pixels. (The raw TIFF files have not been stretched in this manner.) Also, the MOC image webpages have undergone a bit of a facelift for aesthetics.

orangeball.gif New MOC images for MER 2003   (Nov. 17, 2003)
Twelve MOC images from Extended Mission Cycles R09 and R10 have been added.
[Malin Space Systems]

orangeball.gif Updated MOC image links   (Sep. 23, 2003)
All currently-released narrow-angle and wide-angle MOC images (over 123,800) are now available as graphical links in the general interactive data map display, and the higher-resolution (32-pixels-per-degree) interactive MOLA maps (click on the high-res MOLA elevations option). These MOC images include all mission phases up through E18 (July, 2002).
[Malin Space Systems]

orangeball.gif Updated landing ellipses   (Sep. 23, 2003)
The landing ellipses for the Spirit and Opportunity rovers have been updated. These changes are also reflected in the regional basemaps for the archive of MOC images for MER 2003 landing sites.