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This page serves as an archive of materials for the NASA Astrobiology Institute's Mars Focus Group, in support of landing site selection for the Mars Explorer Rover 2003 missions.

Postdoc group for uploading and sharing materials for landing site discussion.

Videocon Presentations (1/8/01)

Science and Landing Site Priorities for the Mars 2003 Mission
Jack Farmer PowerPoint (9.0 Mbytes) Adobe PDF (2.8 Mbytes)
Proposed Mars Landing Sites for MER A and B
Ron Greeley PowerPoint (1.2 Mybtes) Adobe PDF (1.2 Mbytes)
Impact Crater Lakes and the Astrobiological Exploration of Mars
Nathalie Cabrol PowerPoint (2.7 Mybtes) Adobe PDF (9.0 Mbytes)
Sinus Meridiani (Hematite) Landing Site for 2003 MER
Vicky Hamilton PowerPoint (60 Kbytes) Adobe PDF (379 Kbytes)

Videocon Presentations (1/16/01)

Hydrothermal Sites in Apollinaris Chaos
Virginia Gulick PowerPoint (2.8 Mybtes)  

1999 Mars Landing Site Workshop Materials