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Most of the following maps are offered in the original, data-only version, and in a "composite" version, in which a MOLA shaded-relief map is overlain with the data.

60°-by-30° (15°-by-15° for the geology and MOLA maps) subregions of these maps can be downloaded by using the interactive Mars imagemap.

Geology and Mola   TES Thermal Inertia   TES Mineralogy   IRTM Data   Vertical Roughness

Geology & MOLA
(M. Golombek & T. Parker)
Geology and MOLA topography overlaying MDIM surface images; 1:15M. Contains pre-revised landing ellipses.
Geology 14640 x 1286 6.0 Mbytes
MOLA 17023 x 1501 6.2 Mbytes
Note: To download these large image files, use your browser's "Save Link to Disk" function on the image links.

TES Thermal Inertia
(M.T. Mellon, B. M. Jakosky, H. H. Kieffer, & P. R. Christensen)
High-Resolution thermal inertia maps from the Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer, in press Icarus, 2000.
8 pixel-per-degree resolution (original), in the zone 15°N to 15°S.
Interpolated (data only) 4320 x 360 756 Kbytes
Interpolated (composite) 4320 x 360 603 Kbytes
Uninterpolated (data only) 4320 x 360 1503 Kbytes
Uninterpolated (composite) 4320 x 360 884 Kbytes
Legend 150 x 32 1.6 Kbytes

Note: Marsoweb now has an online TES Thermal Inertia data map querier, which can be used to query the maps for thermal inertia values.

TES Mineral Abundances
(Andesite and Basalt: J.L. Bandfield, V.E. Hamilton, and P.R. Christensen)
(Hematite: P.R. Christensen, M.C. Malin, R.V. Morris, J.L. Bandfield, and M.D. Lane)
8-bit original grayscale images, and colorized composites with MOLA terrain data. [Full description and references]
Andesite (original, global) 720 x 360 63 Kbytes
Andesite (composite, 15° S to 15° N) 4320 x 360 660 Kbytes
Basalt (original, global) 720 x 360 42 Kbytes
Basalt (composite, 15° S to 15° N) 4320 x 360 630 Kbytes
Hematite (original, global) 720 x 360 8 Kbytes
Hematite (composite, 15° S to 15° N) 4320 x 360 470 Kbytes

(M. Golombek & T. Parker)
Data from the Viking Infrared Thermal Mapper: original, and composited with MOLA terrain data.
Bulk Inertia (original) 4000 x 508 340 Kbytes
Bulk Inertia (composite) 4320 x 360 836 Kbytes
Bulk Inertia Legend 150 x 23 1.5 Kbytes
Fine Component Inertia (original) 4000 x 510 427 Kbytes
Fine Component Inertia (composite) 4320 x 360 851 Kbytes
FC Inertia Legend 150 x 23 1.5 Kbytes
Rock Abundance (original) 4000 x 464 642 Kbytes
Rock Abundance (composite) 4320 x 360 975 Kbytes
Rock Abundance Legend 150 x 20 1.4 Kbytes

Vertical Roughness
(Jim Garvin et al.)
Total Vertical Roughness as measured by fully slope-corrected MOLA optical pulse width, filtered to remove instrument effects. [Full description]
Vertical Roughness (composite) 4320 x 360 838 Kbytes
Vertical Roughness (full-scale) 21298 x 1771 14 Mbytes
Vertical Roughness Legend 429 x 79 6 Kbytes
Note: To download the full-scale image, use your browser's "Save Link to Disk" function on the image link.