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Geology Maps

This interactive repository of Mars geology maps allows for interrogation of geologic units (by sweeping the map with the mouse).

The digital map and index of geologic units are from Goddard's Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics, Geodynamics Branch. This data and map are at 1/8th-degree resolution, and are slight revisions of the original USGS geologic maps of Mars, as found in:

Scott, D.H., Tanaka, K.L, Greely, Ronald, and Guest, J.H., 1986-1987, Geologic Maps of the Western Equatorial, Eastern Equatorial, and Polar Regions of Mars, United States Geological Survey Atlas of Mars, 1:15,000,000 Geologic Series, Maps I-1802-A, I-1802-B, and I-1802-C.

From the Geodynamics Branch Webpage: "This map has been slightly revised from the original USGS geologic Map of Mars. Some of the smaller units have been lumped together and a slightly modified color scheme applied."

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