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Thermal Inertia Maps

This interactive repository of Mars Global Surveyor TES data allows for online perusal of numerical values of thermal inertia while exploring the data maps, as well as user-creation of cross-section profiles. The data and maps have been made publically available by Mike Mellon et al., who have derived thermal inertia maps from the Mars Thermal Emission Spectrometer thermal-bolometer, nighttime-temperature observations.


Mellon, M. T., B. M. Jakosky, H. H. Kieffer, P. R. Christensen, High-Resolution thermal inertia mapping from the Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer, Icarus 148, 437-455, 2000.

for a description of the thermal inertia derivation, and a discussion of global scale analyses.

Data and Map Specifications

Global Thermal Inertia maps
Interpolated Full-resolution (2705x1894, 1.4 Mb)
Interpolation Mask

NOTE: For the purposes of the Marsoweb data map archive, the derived thermal inertia maps have been underlain with shaded relief maps of MOLA elevation, in order to better navigate the maps.

TES/MOLA Composite

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