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These MOLA tracks are from the Mars Global Surveyor's Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA), and are the "H-products" that have been validated by the Planetary Data System. These H-products are Precision Experiment Data Record products (along-track, time series collection of the MOLA instrument's science mode) that are agglomerations of several orbits around Mars.

This MOLA archive is interactive in the sense that you can select MOLA tracks from the regional view, to be shown in profile; you can then "query" the profile by traversing the profile with your mouse to have the coordinates and elevations of the laser shots displayed.

The MOLA tracks are organized in this archive by regions: 10° (lat) by 5° (lon). For data storage and development time considerations, the resolution of the MOLA tracks is about 90 pixels (laser shots) per degree of latitude; the elevations are averages, then, of the data contained in the original PEDR datasets (which range from (200 shots/degree at the equator to 1000 shots/degree at poles) A future revision to the archive will allow up to full available resolution.

The visible surface context images used for the regional MOLA track display are from the Viking MDIM (Mosaiced Digital Image Models) images. The imagemaps used for navigating to the regions are composited visible surface images and shaded surface images of (1/8 ° resolution) produced by the MOLA science team using the MOLA elevations. Note that you may notice a small difference in latitude between MOLA features and their equivalent features in the Viking images (e.g. on crater rims). This can be attributed to a < 0.1° discrepancy between the MGS and Viking coordinate systems. (See the MOLA PEDR dataset description for further information).

Browser Requirements:

The Java applets for region navigation and MOLA track display and interrogation should work on any platform with Internet Explorer or Netscape (both v4 or greater). Java needs to be enabled in your browser.